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Undercovers - Let's Get Blogging!

Haven't heard of Undercovers Podcast? Let's fill you in. I (my name is Josh...Hi!) started this podcast in 2019 because, well...I love album design and artwork. I REALLY love it. It features through my house. It's art connected to music and it defines and extends the chords being played on the tracks held within.

So I got to thinking, could I reach out and talk to the people behind my favourite album designs and see how they came together, what it was like working with the musicians, management and so on and if there are any amazing stories? Turns out I can talk to them, they do have incredible stories and for me at least they add a new layer to the album's definition.

I have decided to add in a blog section where I can add new things the artists featured are doing and run through what each artist's podcast episodes contain.

So where can you find the podcast? Best bet is to head here: There are links to iTunes, Spotify and our own player as well! Would love for you to subscribe and review the podcast - thanks in advance! Josh

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