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Matt Varnish

It's true, everything is better with a bit of Varnish!

Matt Taylor, lovingly known as Matt Varnish is a 6 time (6!) Grammy Nominated album designer. He's also got one of those statues. More importantly, Matt has worked on some of the most recognised albums of the past 2 decades.

From his early beginnings in art through to his College years where he decided to bring in legendary designer Tim Stedman as a guest lecturer to the University of Missouri and ended up building a relationship with Tim that lead him to Los Angeles and working alongside his friend, and fellow designer Todd Gallopo, on singles and albums for acts like Blink-182, Mint Royale and more.

Teaming up another iconic of the music art world, Kenny Gravillis, together they concocted legendary art for Common, The Roots and more.

Where do you head from there? Well, onto some of the most recognised rock albums ever - Red Hot Chili Peppers Stadium Arcadium and My Chemical Romance's The Black Parade and Danger Days and more.

Disturbed's Ten Thousand Fists saw a collaboration with comic book legend Todd McFarlane whilst it was Matt's relationship with Ville Valo of HIM that proved the catalyst for much of the artwork they created together. Dark Light, Venus Doom and Screamworks.

And what career in art wouldn't be complete without become a muse for Banksy. Matt took on the challenge of making Paris Hilton's album and music career look legitimate. Once released Banksy took it upon himself to re-create the album with some classic statements and quotes. Ending up with Matt receiving a copy of the defaced album and a note from Banksy, its one of his most treasured possessions.

Tune into the episode to hear Matt talk through his career from working with major labels, incredible designers and finally launching his own studio - Varnish!

You can check out Matt's episodes of Undercovers Podcast here:

iTunes or Spotify

Matt's instagram

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