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Undercovers Season 3

A podcast series dedicated to finding out the stories behind amazing and iconic album artwork. Join us as we talk to the incredible artists and designers who have given the visual aesthetic to some of the greatest music of all time.

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13 April, 2019


Melbourne hardcore outfit Mirrors have their second EP, 'Cold Sanctuary', just on the horizon. Anna Rose chats with bassist Jake Mackin all about the new music and their upcoming tour with Alpha Wolf.


11 April, 2019


Stephen chats to Alex Henery from Basement about their upcoming Australian tour, their latest album, playing arenas and staying healthy on tour.


8 April, 2019

Devin Townsend

Anna Rose catches up with Devin Townsend to discuss his new record "Empath" and fact checks his wikipedia page with him.


7 January, 2019

Cold Wrecks

A mini interview and track with Mike from Cold Wrecks as part of our series with Fest17 artist interviews. We talk origins of the band, what Fest means to Mike and more! Bonus track "Therapy"


6 January, 2019

Alright + Late Bloomer

As part of our 2-day coverage of Fest17 we are interviewing bands playing the enormous festival that takes over Gainsville in Florida each year. This episode is an interview with Josh from the bands Alright and Late Bloomer + hear their tracks


5 January, 2019

Signals Midwest

As part of our TheFest 17 weekend we have interviewed bands who are playing the festival. In this podcast we chat to Max from Signals Midwest about Fest, their Australian tour and upcoming recording plans + hear a track from Signals Midwest.

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