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Label Mates

A podcast series dedicated to finding out the stories behind amazing and iconic album artwork. Join us as we talk to the incredible artists and designers who have given the visual aesthetic to some of the greatest music of all time.


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20 February, 2019

Half A Cow (Nic Dalton)

In the first episode of the new series of Label Mates, Bron looks at one of Australia’s most iconic indie labels and speaks to the man behind its severed bovine logo, Nic Dalton of Half A Cow records. From a bookstore in Sydney’s inner-city suburb of Glebe to stages across the world with the Lemonheads, Dalton has around 180 releases under his belt including his own work with bands Sneeze, his Gloomchasers, Chewee, Godstar, Love Positions and more. He talks about 25 years with Half A Cow, its unique challenges and, of course, just where the famous cartoon motif came from.


27 February, 2019

Spunk Records

When you think of indie-rock and the Australian music business over the last 20 years you’d be hard-pressed not to think of Spunk Records. the label that came out of a fanzine and fledgling touring company has become the stuff of legend. Bron chats to its founder and one of the nicest guys in the business, Aaron Curnow, to talk iconic releases – Built To Spill, Sleater-Kinney, Mogwai, Belle And Sebastian, Arcade Fire, Sufjan Stevens, The Middle East and Joanna Newsom among them – the ones that got away, and just what made one legendary indie-rock frontman end up in a fight seconds before hitting the stage.

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