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Peter Barrett (George Michael, Dexy's Midnight Runners. Simply Red, Cold Chisel)

Peter Barrett is responsible for iconic album covers across the pop and rock worlds including George Michael, Simply Red, Bananarama, Cold Chisel, Eskimo Joe, Terrence Trent Darby and many, many more.

Artists and albums discussed:

Bananarama (2:30), Stiff Little Fingers, The Jam & The Kinks (7:42), Dexy’s Midnight Runners – Too-Rye-Ay (9:51), Madonna (16:49), Simply Red (19:06), Terrence Trent Darby (26:56), James Brown (29:41), The D.O.C (31:23), Suede (34:22), George Michael (37:17), Cold Chisel & Skyhooks (40:57), Kim Salmon / Scientists / The Beasts (43:27), TISM (48:13), Machine Gun Fellatio (49:50), Eskimo Joe (51:37), The Beasts (54:45)

Highlights of the artwork discussed:

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