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Matt Maust & Nathan Warkentin (Cold War Kids, Thrice, Foster The People)

Cold War Kids bassist and artist Matt Maust and his design partner Nathan Warkentin are responsible for incredible artwork from Thrice, Foster The People and Cold War Kids themselves. The moulding of art and music is in everything Matt and Nathan do - the name Cold War Kids was originally the name of Matt’s art business and soon became the name of his band as well.

Artists and albums discussed:

Thrice – The Illusion of Safety (5:10), Thrice – The Artist in the Ambulance (10:00), Thrice – Beggars (16:15), Cold War Kids – Beggars and Robbers and all albums (18:35), Cold War Kids – Dear Miss Lonely Hearts (25:00), Foster The People – Sacred Hearts Club (32:30)

Highlights of the artwork discussed:

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