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A podcast series dedicated to finding out the stories behind amazing and iconic album artwork. Join us as we talk to the incredible artists and designers who have given the visual aesthetic to some of the greatest music of all time.


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Episode 1

Dave Homer (Empire of the Sun, Kisschasy, Neil Finn, JJJ)

Dave Homer, the ARIA award winning artist behind some of the most acclaimed album covers ever to be produced in Australia chats to us about his work with Empire of the Sun, Neil Finn, Paul Kelly, Kisschasy and many more.


Episode 2

Robert Fisher (Nirvana, Beck, Weezer, Helmet)

Robert Fisher is responsible for arguably some the most well-known album covers of the last 30 years. Including iconic covers such as Nirvana’s Nevermind, In Utero, MTV Unplugged, Beck Odelay, Mellow Gold, Weezer’s Red Album and singles, No Doubt Return of Saturn, Helmet, The Cure, The Struts and many more.


Episode 3

Matt Maust & Nathan Warkentin (Cold War Kids, Thrice, Foster The People)

Cold War Kids bassist and artist Matt Maust and his design partner Nathan Warkentin are responsible for incredible artwork from Thrice, Foster The People and Cold War Kids themselves. The moulding of art and music is in everything Matt and Nathan do - the name Cold War Kids was originally the name of Matt’s art business and soon became the name of his band as well.


Episode 4

Chris McMahon (Weezer)

Chris McMahon nabbed the coveted Weezer album cover art for Everything Will Be Alright In The End with his unique spin on thrift store art. We delve into this album cover, the series it is part of and Chris' artist career.


Episode 5

Fox Trotsky (Frenzal Rhomb, Nancy Vandal, Neptune Power Federation)

Fox Trotsky is an acclaimed artist, animator and album designer with comedic gothic-like overtones, just like his music. Find out how Fox got his start in art and music and hear him discuss the artwork for some classic Australian punk rock albums including arguably the great OZ punk album of all time - Frenzal Rhomb's A Man's Not A Camel.


Episode 6

Sergie Loobkoff (NoFx, Fat Wreck, The Ataris, Samiam)

Sergie Loobkoff owns and runs, his art and design company and does album artwork and packaging for many in the punk and indie rock community.


Episode 7

Aimee Macauley (Rage Against The Machine, Korn, Nas, Soul Asylum)

Aimee Macauley has one of the most impressive album artwork resumes of the 90's and 00's providing the visual identities for Rage Against The Machine, Korn, Soul Asylum, Nas and more.


Episode 8

Pat Fox (Hellions, Vance Joy, Tash Sultana, Northlane)

Pat Fox is part of the new wave in Australian album designers. We discuss his love of creating unique and inspired worlds for each release including Tash Sultana, Northlane, Hellions, Deez Nuts and many more.


Episode 9

Nick Pritchard (Epitaph, Bad Religion, Elliot Smith, Alkaline Trio)

Nick Pritchard spent over a decade at Epitaph working as their creative director and designing covers for their iconic roster. He worked with Mr Brett to redefine the look (and the sounds) the label became defined for. Find out about how many of the incredible album covers were designed and developed with some great stories along the way.


Episode 10

John Craig (Smashing Pumpkins, Rod Stewart, Panic! At The Disco)

Undercovers reaches out and chats with the artist behind the Smashing Pumpkins' Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness, Rod Stewart classic albums, Panic! At The Disco and many more. A fascinating insight into an artist that started working at Mercury Records in the 1960's and went on to become one of the most incredible collage album artists in the World.


Episode 11

Nick Steinhardt (Pink, City and Colour, Tom Petty, Britney Spears)

Nick Steinhardt has designed album covers that sit in literally hundreds of millions people homes and digital devices. Pink, Britney Spears, Tom Petty and more. We cover all of these and more!


Episode 12

Roger Gorman (Metallica, David Bowie, Ween, John Lennon)

We go under the covers with the Grammy Award winning cover artist behind Metallica, Bowie, Lennon and more...oh and he also booked the very first Sex Pistols show in the UK.


Episode 13

Nick Egan (INXS, The Clash, Malcolm McLaren)

Nick Egan is one of rock music's truly great artists. Album covers in the hall of fame, the creative genius that took INXS' image to the world and all starting as a kid who fell into doing The Clash and Ramones artwork.


Episode 14

Donny Phillips (Eminem, Parkway Drive, Green Day, Metallica)

Donny Phillips is the mastermind behind some of the most detailed and incredible album artwork for the past decade. Find out his story and the artwork behind some classic artists albums.


Episode 15

Chris Bilheimer (R.E.M, Green Day, Weezer, Neutral Milk Hotel)

The creative mastermind shares stories from his incredible career that started at his first concert, aged 13 - R.E.M and The Minutemen. Chris Bilheimer's artwork will go down alongside some of the biggest albums of last century and this one.


Episode 16

Joby J Ford (The Bronx, Every Time I Die, Dashboard Confessional, The Killers)

Joby J Ford is the guitarist from The Bronx and also their creative designer, he also was the creative lead at Vagrant Records during their heady days of the early 2000's.


Episode 17

Hugh Syme (Rush, Dream Theater, Megadeth, Aerosmith)

Hugh Syme is one of the most acclaimed album designers in history - his 40+ years with Rush as well as his work with Dream Theater, Megadeth and so many more.


Episode 18

Todd Kowalski (Propagandhi)

We discuss the album cover art of legendary Canadian punk rockers with a social conscience Propagandhi with their bassist and artist Todd Kowalski.


Episode 19

Kosh (The Beatles, Rolling Stones, ELO, Linda Ronstandt)

Kosh is arguably the most famous album artist of all time. Here we chat about his classic albums and deep dive into his album artwork history.


Episode 20

Cey Adams (Beastie Boys, Public Enemy, Notorious BIG, Jay-Z)

Few artists can say their artwork has changed the cultural landscape. Cey Adams is one of those people by mixing art with hip hop and rap his legacy is evident all around us. To be able to chat with Cey and find out aspects of his art that he has never answered before is very special. I truly believe he and I should embark on a mission to find the lost life-size sardine can from the cover of Hello Nasty.


Episode 21

Brandy Flower (System of a Down, Incubus, Tenacious D, Sonic Youth)

Brandy got his start in music artwork via his art lecturer, who suggested he simply call the label of his favourite bands and ask for an internship. He ended up almost immediately working on his favourite act, Alice In Chains and soon was creating iconic artwork for Incubus, System of a Down, Sonic Youth and more.


Episode 22

Peter Barrett (George Michael, Dexy's Midnight Runners. Simply Red, Cold Chisel)

Peter Barrett is responsible for iconic album covers across the pop and rock worlds including George Michael, Simply Red, Bananarama, Cold Chisel, Eskimo Joe, Terrence Trent Darby and many, many more.


Episode 23

Michael Golob (Weezer, White Zombie, Sloan, Jackyl)

During his time at Geffen / DGC Michael Golob worked with icons such as White Zombie, Aerosmith, Weezer, Sloan and more.


Episode 25

Hella Mega Tour (Green Day)

We talk to the artists behind Green Day's discography, from Nimrod right through to Revolution Radio and the hits package God's Favorite Band. All in the lead up to the Hella Mega world tour with Fall Out Boy and Weezer.


Episode 24

Frank Maddocks (Linkin Park, Deftones, Wu-Tang Clan, Green Day)

Frank Maddocks has the type of design career most artists would be envious of. Working with the cream of the Warner Bros. crop including Linkin Park, Green Day, Deftones, Wu-Tang Clan, Gary Clark Jr and so many more!


Episode 26

Hella Mega Tour (Fall Out Boy)

We talk to Todd Russell, album design for Fall Out Boy albums American Beauty / American Psycho, Save Rock And Roll as well as Patrick Stump's Soul Punk. We also walk through the album cover art of all their studio albums


Episode 27

Hella Mega Tour (Weezer)

Weezer's iconic albums are discussed by their creators. We are talking Blue, Green, Red, Black and Everything Will Be Alright In The End

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