On The Record

4 June, 2019

Hot Water Music - Shake Up The Shadows

25 years after forming in Gainesville, Hot Water Music have released a brand new EP. Listen to Kailei and Stephen gush over Chuck Ragan's manliness and why this EP might be some of the band's best work.

23 May, 2019

The Get Up Kids - Problems

Stephen and Kailei get nostalgic about The Get Up Kids' new album, their first in 8 years, Problems. Is it worth the wait? And more importantly, does it sound like we want? Tune in to find out our hot takes.

17 May, 2019

Lowest Creature - Sacriligious Pain

Stephen takes On the Record on a wild ride with Swedish trash lords Lowest Creature and their debut full-length, Sacrilegious Pain. Headbang along track-by-track and hear his hot takes.

10 May, 2019

Lizzo - Cuz I Love You

Kailei and Stephen get smooth, sexy and funky with Lizzo as they go track-by-track through her new album Cuz I Love You. Tune in to hear their hot takes!

30 April, 2019

silverchair - Frogstomp

Stephen flies solo this week as he talks about Silverchair's seminal debut album Frogstomp. Tune in for his hot takes.

24 April, 2019

Labrinth, Sia and Diplo - LSD

Kailei and Stephen get trippy as they listen to and talk about the new collaborative album between Labrinth, Sia and Diplo. Listen for our hot takes!

17 April, 2019

Motor Ace - Five Star Laundry

Stephen and Kailei cover the secret lives of Motor Ace and their debut album, Five Star Laundry. Weird stuff abounds

8 April, 2019

Faust - Faust

The On The Record duo branch out and review an album they know very little about - Faust by Faust

28 March, 2019

No Doubt - Tragic Kingdom

This week on On The Record, Kailei and Stephen channel the mid-90s as they talk about the undeniable No Doubt classic, Tragic Kingdom. Tune in for our hot takes! Listen to the album on Spotify here.

21 March, 2019

Sepultura - Arise + Interview

This week on On The Record, Kailei and Stephen headbang and throw the horns up as they go through the Sepultura classic, Arise. Riffs, heebie-jeebies and Cookie Monster guest appearances abound. Tune in for our hot takes! Plus, listen at the end of the show for Stephen's interview with the metal legend himself, Max Cavalera.

6 March, 2019

Kehlani - While We Wait

On the third episode of On The Record, Kailei and Stephen feel feels and chair-dance through American r 'n' b superstar Kehlani's new mixtape, While We Wait. 9 tracks of smooth vocals, huge hooks and undeniable talent. Tune in for our hot takes!

28 February, 2019

Limp Bizkit - Chocolate Starfish...

In the second episode of On The Record, Kailei and Stephen get nostalgic over Limp Bizkit’s last great album Chocolate Starfish and the Hotdog Flavoured Water. An album of posturing, whinging, riffs as big as mountains and bad rapping. It's still awesome, though. Tune in for our (biased) hot takes!

21 February, 2019

Bring Me The Horizon - amo

In the first episode of On The Record, Kailei and Stephen pull apart Bring Me The Horizon’s new album "amo". Full of surprises, the sixth set from the British act has so far polarised listeners – but what will the hosts make of it? Tune in and find out.









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